Celebrity Prayer Candles by Kitschup Creations . Why we are the better choice !


Celebrity prayer candle review ... I get people love cheap! but I purchased some of my competitors candles to see why they were so cheap and now I know ! Some advertise them for $14.99 but then charge $11.99 for shipping . Some sell them at rock bottom prices but they are NOT Eco friendly or safe .  Mine are a better quality , Eco friendly , we use recycled paper , Eco friendly sealer so the image doesn't rub or scratch off and shipping is always FREE .. no surprises at checkout . 

Their candles are horrible quality , NOT Eco friendly or safe . They aren't even filled properly and they use the same images over and over for different candles .. so lazy .
Just be a vigilant customer and make sure your are comparing prices and quality .. I guarantee you we are the better company and we have a better candle . 


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